AEW’s Wardlow is a Huge Superman fan, but Didn’t Plan on Man of Steel Shot

Few stars are on a hotter run than AEW’s Wardlow, who after dealing with MJF’s mistreatment for so long has finally turned on his former boss. Fans have wanted that turn for some time, and now they will finally get Wardlow vs MJF at the upcoming Double or Nothing, but until then MJF is doing everything he can to make Wardlow’s life miserable, including having a security detail walk him to the ring in handcuffs. Fans noticed that this looked a lot like a well-known scene from Man of Steel and Wardlow even shared a side by side of those shots. During a recent interview with Josh Martinez, Wardlow revealed that while he didn’t plan on trying to recreate that shot, he is a huge fan of Superman, so it really couldn’t have worked out any better.

“No, that’s what’s crazy, man. Manifestation is real. So nobody even knows, I’m a huge Superman mark. I have a bookshelf full of comics. I just watched Man of Steel and Batman v Superman the other night. Nobody knows This is completely unplanned and just all of a sudden, I’m watching Man of Steel and I go, “This looks real familiar.” “Goldberg was cool. Now, there’s a lot to be said about Goldberg and his wrestling abilities, but all that shit aside, the character Goldberg in 1999 was awesome. Dave Bautista was awesome. Brock Lesnar is a monster,” Wardlow said.

“You grow up like, ‘I want to be that guy. They’re the monsters. They run the company. They’re the most popular. That’s what I want to be.’ Superman. Obsessed with Superman. Now I’m opening up Twitter and there’s comparisons to Goldberg, there’s comparisons to Batista, there’s comparisons to Brock Lesnar. There’s side-by-side pictures of me and my security and Goldberg with his security. There’s side -by-side pictures of me with my security and Superman with his security. I open up Twitter every day and my mind just explodes,” Wardlow said.

“All of this stuff just happened organically. I didn’t come in saying, ‘Hey, I want to mimic Superman. Hey, I want to mimic my favorite wrestlers.’ No, this just all happened organically. I didn’t come in wanting to do powerbombs, but here I am doing powerbombs that I did for years because I was obsessed with Kevin Nash. My friends were getting jackknifed powerbombed on trampolines all day long. It’s just absolute insanity how my life has come to this,” Wardlow said.

The fact that he’s a huge Superman fan only makes the Man of Steel shot that much better, and who knows, maybe now that it’s out there we’ll get some other Superman homages at Double or Nothing. We’ll have to wait and see, but in the meantime you can find the current Double or Nothing card below.

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Hook and Danhausen vs. Tony Nese and Mark Sterling

MJF vs. Wardlow

Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Finals

Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Finals

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