Americans believe that privacy is a fundamental right

My great-grandmother lived on German Hill on Adrian’s east side. She was the daughter of German immigrants, a suffragette married to a German immigrant, active in the community and a devoted pillar of her church.

Their families arrived with nothing but hope. My great-grandparents worked hard from sunup to sundown. Their yard on Hunt Street featured my great-grandfather’s beautiful rose gardens and magical stonework. My great-grandmother cared for her own family and elderly relatives and neighbors. She took in laundry to earn extra money and raised a foster child. She made sure her children de ella had excellent educations beyond high school. She was a straight, white, Christian, married, urban mom.

The author's great-grandparents built this backyard garden and pond at 903 Hunt St. in Adrian.  Included are a gnome, left, two storks, a troll, lower right, and a fairy-tale castle.  The plants are roses, and there were hundreds of them.

From the turn of the 20th century until health care services changed, she was also a midwife, attending many home births. Male doctors at that time rarely involved themselves in “women’s issues” unless there was a surgical necessity. Throughout history, some midwives also supplied birth control and emmenagogues to make sure the monthly cycle occurred on time, because an early miscarriage that wasn’t immediately expelled properly could be fatal for the mother or cause her to be unable to have more children.

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