As a grandparent, I listen for a change

Today I write to young parents and grandparents. On this vacation, we once again took our grandchildren with us. We left their parents at home.

It always brings a smile to my face when I am asked if they are my children. This year they will be 14 and 11. I know my age, but the ones asking are being nice or they will never win a prize at the carnival guessing ages. Regardless, we are a close family, and that brings more joy to my soul than anyone floating my boat by thinking I’m younger than I am.

We have our grandchildren a lot. I know the day is coming fast when they won’t need us, and there will be the phase when they won’t want to be around us. It’s part of growing up. Hopefully, just like the Prodigal Father in Luke 15, our love will always be a draw for them. Since we are around them a lot, we have constant conversations with other grandparents at restaurants, zoos, and just about anywhere we go.

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