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I have owned a residential construction business in Delmar for almost 20 years.

Where do you live (hamlet), and how long have you lived in town?

I have lived in the Elsmere hamlet near the Middle School for 21 years.

Why are you running for a seat on the School Board?

I have been interested in running for the Board for the past few years and even requested a petition last year, but I was not in the best position to move forward. I want to be part of the effort to keep politics out of the schools. I want to contribute to the school community in a productive manner that is focused on policies that support the children to reach their greatest potential.

What type of experience or skill set will help you fulfill your role on the School Board?

As a business owner, I understand the necessity for setting expectations, accountability, budgeting, and the ability to make decisions without emotional influences. I am a person of respect and empowerment who wants to see consistent forward progress and a solution focused mindset. I believe in relentless positivity and that a great attitude is beneficial to any team environment, including a school board. I believe that wellness and physical activity are the foundations for our student’s development, and I am committed to supporting the athletic and arts programs that keep our students moving in a positive and forward direction.

What do you think are some challenges the school district has been facing?

I think we are blessed to live in such a great school district, and we should keep on striving for constant improvement. I think the greatest challenge is the polarization that is present because of outside influences. Much of the contentious, adversarial input is not productive to our children or their level of anxiety. The mental health of our children should be in constant consideration and assessment. Our kids need to be active and excessive screen time needs to be a larger topic in the schools and especially during non-school hours.

How do you plan to address these challenges?

I would like to prioritize the needs of the kids, staff and administration in order to provide the greatest resources for our kids to develop academically and socially/emotionally. I would like to see our kids

John Walston continued

exposed to as many volunteer/service-based opportunities as possible. Exposure to varied situations and experiences will provide them opportunities to get outside of their bodies/minds and experience more of our great community. The intrinsic rewards from service are significant and that service to others will provide our children with a much better perspective on life.

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