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Senior Business Analyst & UX/UI Designer at Optum

Where do you live (hamlet), and how long have you lived in town?

I live in Delmar, and I have resided here for almost three years.

Why are you running for a seat on the School Board?

I am running because I have three children- two of whom attend Slingerlands Elementary School. I love that our school offers excellent programs surrounding the arts and even multicultural events. However, I believe that these efforts need to be done district-wide. I also would love to help organize advocacy events (from k through 12) to help encourage students to give back to the community while improving interpersonal skills and empathy.

What type of experience or skill set will help you fulfill your role on the School Board?

I have been volunteering for nonprofits and advocacy groups since I was a middle school student. I also want every child to feel empowered that no matter what age, they have the power to make a difference in their community.

What do you think are some challenges the school district has been facing?

I feel that there is an issue regarding diversity and inclusion. However, I believe that this can be solved by increasing exposure to other cultures, religions, and traditions. And this will only help each student as they reach adulthood. There is also an issue regarding college prep, vocational school prep, volunteer opportunities, the army, and even STEAM Bootcamp options for life after high school.

How do you plan to address these challenges?

I would try to get sponsorships from around the community to create Art Advocacy Days, Multicultural Fairs (with stories, music, and performances for all ages), and district-wide acknowledgment of different holidays. At my current job, this is something that my company does, and all of my colleagues love it because it allows our global perspectives to widen. Along with college fairs, there need to be programs (even from the middle school level) that can talk about financial literacy and the many career options a student can pursue.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I feel so grateful that my children can grow up in such a great school district. I want to help make sure that not only are everyone’s concerns addressed but that we can also create a space where all perspectives can be shared and reach a fair compromise on critical issues. I will never be the type of person to dismiss the feelings of others. If elected, I will make sure that I represent the public, so I will always listen.

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