Class of 2022 graduates in the Twin Cities overcame huge challenges

The graduating class of 2022 had expected that school would be tough. But they did not anticipate all the obstacles that would come their way: a global pandemic, up to two years of online schooling, a national racial reckoning and uprising following the police murder of George Floyd, and unprecedented levels of mental health challenges. Some St. Paul high school students had to organize to keep their school open; students in Minneapolis experienced a three-week teacher strike. These challenges proved especially difficult for students who are first in their families to graduate high school in the United States or attend college.

For these students, their long-anticipated graduations feel especially hard-fought—and sweet. The Class of 2022 has learned the hard way not to take anything for granted. They are proud they made it through, and ready for their next chapters. Congratulations to them all.

Here are a few of the best and brightest Twin Cities graduates from 2022.

Juwaria Jama graduated from Spring Lake Park High School and will attend Emerson College in the fall. Credit: Courtesy Juwaria Jama

Yam: Juwaria Jama
School: Spring Lake Park High School
Plans for next year: Emerson College

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