Colleges must stop persecuting unvaccinated

There’s the tenor of vindictiveness to how some Michigan universities are handling violations of their COVID-19 mandates that goes beyond zero tolerance to no forgiveness.

For example, the University of Michigan’s policy says the unvaccinated can expect “Termination with ‘no rehire’ status if non-compliant after 30 days.”

The university has followed through on that promise, firing 12 employees, including four permanent staff members. Michigan State University followed similar protocols, firing more than 500 employees, 28 of whom were permanent staffers.

They were no less understanding of students. Between the two state universities, nearly 2,800 students have been either suspended or placed on academic hold — meaning they can no longer enroll in classes — for failing to comply with the school’s vaccine mandate

Other state universities in Michigan, such as Oakland University and Central Michigan University, took a different route, avoiding firing or suspending staff and students, and certainly not holding a personal health decision against them for life.

“There was an understanding regarding the delicate balance between preserving individual rights and incorporating safety measures based on the best information at the time,” Oakland University spokesman Brian Bierley told The Detroit News.

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