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Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary teacher Miriam Marczewski loves her job. Marczewski completed her first year of teaching in the 2021-2022 school year and is excited for the start of the new school year on Aug. 16.

Principal Rebekah Shuck said Marczewski’s patience and skill at problem-solving student issues make her an outstanding teacher.

“She stepped onto this campus with a desire to love and teach her children,” Shuck said. “Ella She has created an environment that promotes community, empathy, and learning. She works hard to make sure that every child gets the help he or she needs.”

Marczewski teaches first grade and does not hesitate to learn new techniques and try new ideas offered by more experienced teachers.

“Miriam has jumped into teaching with a growth mindset,” Shuck said. “She has actively sought out answers and is willing to make changes to meet the needs of her students. She has such a passion for what she does and is so kind and patient with all the students.”

Shuck says Marczewski’s students learned that their teacher is willing to work with them and has their best interests at heart.

“Miriam’s happy spirit is very infectious, and she makes the children feel loved and lets them know that they can achieve anything,” Shuck said. “She has a positive, outgoing personality yet she knows how to be stern and loving with her students. Miriam cares immensely about the growth of each student in her classroom.”

Shuck says Marczewski maintains a positive and caring attitude with her students, develops relationships with her students, and maintains positive relationships with staff.

“Miriam takes the time to know what her students’ needs are and collaborates with others on campus to best meet those needs,” Shuck said. “She has a desire that every child learns and that is evident by her students’ love de ella to share what they have mastered from both the work in the hallways and the conversations I have had with her students.”

Shuck adds that Marczewski’s classroom management skills are strong.

“The children are always ready to learn. She makes it fun and engaging,” Shuck said. “Miriam’s classroom is inviting and fresh. She continually uses best practices to keep her classroom equipped to do what is best for her students. Her students de ella love and respond well to her de ella and she challenges her students academically. ”

Marczewski was selected as the 2022 Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary Rookie Teacher of the Year.

“She has embraced teaching with a passion and is always willing to learn and implement educational strategies in her classroom to foster growth in her students,” Shuck said.


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