Graduates honored at 36th annual Migrant Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to the 24 graduating seniors recognized at the Manatee School District’s 36th annual Migrant Education Awards Ceremony. They were honored for their academic success, overcoming the barriers of language, poverty and relocating often with their families at work.

“Life has not been easy for them,” he said mario mendoza, coordinator of the district’s Migrant Education Program that has 408 students. “They’ve faced many challenges and they still got here.”

Esteban Perez-Martinez is proud of it.

“I’m the first one in my family to graduate,” said the Lakewood Ranch High senior with multiple scholarships. “Hopefully, my younger siblings do the same thing.”

The honorees include his Ranch classmates Wendy Lisset Aquino-Godinez, Daniela Chavez-Pureco, Zayra Contreras, Juanita Garcia, Carla Dayana Gutierrez-Sotelo, Emmanuel Ibarra, Juan Carlos Lerma-Sotelo, yoni miguel morales, Nathaly Ovalle and Axel Adair Torres-Vega.

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