Greene County high school seniors in Ivy Tech 2022 graduate class

Cheyenne Hewins has to keep her caps and gowns — yes, plural — in completely separate rooms of her house. While one is for Eastern Greene High School and the other for Ivy Tech Community College, both gowns are the same shade of black, with just minute details differentiating the two.

“I hope I don’t mix them up,” Hewins said.

This Friday, Hewins will graduate from Ivy Tech with an Indiana College Core Technical Certificate, a little more than a week before her high school graduation.

Cheyenne Hewins is a graduating senior at Eastern Greene High School.

This makes her one of 144 high school students known as “early college graduates” within Ivy Tech Bloomington’s 2022 graduating class. These early graduates hail from various high schools in the area, including Bloomington North, Bloomfield, Edgewood and Martinsville.

By participating in dual enrollment classes, these seniors have earned a certificate, Associate of General Studies or an Indiana College Core technical certificate prior to graduating high school. This allows them to begin college with the entire core of 30 credit hours completed.

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