Harley Quinn Season 3 Fan Art Highlights Poison Ivy’s Blossoming Love

Twitter fan art shows Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s budding relationship in anticipation of the upcoming third season of Harley Quinn.

fan art for harley quinn season 3 depicts Harley and Ivy’s blossoming relationship. The adult animated comedy series began in 2019, starring Big Bang Theory alumni Kaley Cuoco as the titular Harley Quinn alongside Lake Bell voicing Harley’s best-friend-turned-girlfriend, Poison Ivy. The series follows Harley as she puts together a rogues’ gallery of bad guys in order to secure her place from her as one of Gotham’s most feared supervillains.

With harley quinn Renewed for a third season, set to premiere late this Summer, fans will soon get the chance to watch Harley and Ivy’s relationship grow. The second season ended with Ivy’s fiancé, Kite Man, breaking up with her upon realizing that Ivy does n’t love him as much as he loves her. Harley and Ivy end up on the run from Commissioner Gordon, who is hell-bent on arresting them. While fleeing the police, Harley confesses to Ivy for the second time that she is in love with her, and Ivy returns the sentiment of her. The two share a kiss, before driving off into the sunset. The trailer for the third season gave viewers a glimpse into Harley and Ivy’s relationship, showing the partners in crime holding hands, kissing, and sharing champagne in Paris.


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On their Twitter account, artist @jaylerdoodles shared fan art of Harley and Ivy in anticipation of the upcoming season. In the image, Harley and Ivy are laying barefoot in a bed of flowers, holding hands, still wearing their outfits from Ivy’s almost-wedding with Kite Man. The art depicts an imagining of what Harley and Ivy might’ve done after escaping Gordon’s clutches in the second season finale. Check it out below:

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Harley and Ivy’s romance was a long time coming – at least, for fans of the DC comics. Over the course of their friendship, Harley and Ivy bond over being strong female villains in a harshly patriarchal city. Ivy is often there to comfort Harley whenever the Joker hurts her and spends years of their friendship with Ella trying to convince Harley that her relationship with the Clown Prince of Crime is abusive. Eventually, Harley and Ivy move from friends to lovers, and the two even end up marrying in the injustice comics.

With Harley and Ivy’s relationship spanning across comic incarnations and TV adaptations alike, harley quinn fans can look forward to the power couple thriving in the third season. While Ivy helped Harley to get over the Joker, it may be Harley’s turn to help Ivy get over her ex-fiancé, as the season 3 trailer teases an awkward reunion between Ivy and Kite Man. Only time will tell as no release date for season 3 has been announced yet.

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Source: @jaylerdoodles/Twitter

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