How the city recognized the holiday in 2022

Juneteenth, the national commemoration of the end of slavery in 1865, falls on a Sunday this year. But Louisville was bustling Saturday with events around the city to recognize the holiday.

At the Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center, for instance, people walked or raced around the West End track to honor Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old Black woman killed by police in 2020 in an incident that sparked months of protests. The Race For Justice raised money for six different organizations around the city and was coordinated by Waggener High School students and recent graduates.

Race For Justice:These teens are holding a ‘Race For Justice’ in honor of Breonna Taylor. Here’s why

“Juneteenth… symbolizes the struggle that Black people have had to put in just to be on the same playing field as other people in this country,” said Jamia Fletcher, a member of the student-led social justice group Future Ancestors. “It’s really important to me that we always remember that and we always pay homage to the people who came before us and put in the work so that I can be where I am today doing what we’re doing today.”

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