“I’m Not A Father,” Vybz Kartel’s Son Likkle Addi Reveals After DNA Results

Likkle Addi, the teenage son of Vybz Kartel, has revealed that a DNA paternity test proved that he’s not the father of a baby boy that was speculated to have been his. speaking on the FIX podcast, during an interview with older brother Likkle Vybz, Addi was asked how he reacted to the scrutiny from the public when the news broke that he was an expecting father.

“At the time that was a[n] Internet frenzy but mi cant answer dat question because I’m not a father, so mi cant answer that question,” Addi revealed.

Baffled by his statement, FIX host Naro Hart sought to clarify, asking “Not a father? So the baby is not yours, my confuse….” to which Addi responded, “Mi just confirmed it.”

Addi, whose real name is Akheel Raheim Palmer, was 15 years old at the time when he announced that he was expecting his first child with an 18-year-old woman. The first-time grandfather, Vybz Kartel, had also re-shared the announcement and addressed the firestorm of criticism that followed about the age of the couple and their readiness to be parents.

Don’t worry about those two millionaires. What the f— you think i work so hard for..#legacy”, Kartel had said at the time. “If you’re angry well mission accomplished. Same so unuh wash unuh mouth pon Mavado are cause bad mind saturate the very fiber of unuh existence. Get a life and mind the business that pays you..and fi di foreign minded boasty slave dem, she (the mother) an American citizen.”

Though he couldn’t quite recall exactly when the DNA test was done, Likkle Addi said he wanted the public to know that the baby, who was reportedly named Azeil Palmer is not his, as was previously announced. “It’s good though. Mi just a make the people dem know now because people still ah ask me, but yeah it good,” he continued.

the skinny jeans deejay said he was overjoyed at the time of the pregnancy, admitting he was the first to post it on social media. “Well a me post the picture enuh on Instagram cause at the time… well mi did elated at the time. Mi nuh feel no way bout it, you live and learn everyday so, a nuh me a di first and mi nuh haffi be the last,” he said.

Likkle Vybz, Likkle Addi

Making light of the situation, Naro joked “So you a just wah uncle then!” which everyone laughed in agreement but it did confirm that his brother Likkle Vybz is ‘still’ a father.

Likkle Vybz, whose real name is Adidja Jaheim Palmer, welcomed his first child last year at the age of 18-years-old. Little bother Addi shared that he has embraced the role well and is a good father.

“Mi a watch mi brother, him and him girlfriend dem a great parents. So a just when a my time to have a child, mi can just do the same thing wah him a do, which is take care of him child,” he said.

Likkle Addi and Likkle Vybz, professionally known as UTG, recently released their new album TeamDifferent.

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