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Christiaan Melendez, of Killeen, said she last saw her daughter Tuesday night before she went to bed.

“She snuck out,” Melendez said. “It was her first time sneaking out.”

Melendez said her daughter, Lillianna Melendez, 14, an Ellison High School student, is not one to run away, or not come home after hanging out with friends.

The last time anyone heard from her, she said, was a Snapchat social media video sent to a friend around 3 am Wednesday morning.

“She told her friend the car she was in broke down and she was afraid and just wanted to get home,” she said.

“It’s been a whole day and she’s still not back,” she said. “Ella She’s usually the type of child who is on social media all day long talking to friends, but none of her friends have spoken to her. They’re worried about her.”

Christiaan Melendez, of Killeen, with her daughter, Lillianna Melendez, 14. Melendez said her daughter’s last known location was near Rancier Avenue and 38th Street at 3:20 am Wednesday morning.

The concerned mother said she was only allowed to file a runaway report with the Killeen Police Department Wednesday, but after visiting again Thursday, she said police are now classifying it as a missing child case.

As of Thursday morning, KPD spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez said Melendez’s daughter’s case was still classified as a runaway report.

“I’m really shook,” Melendez said. “I’m really strict about who she hangs out with. If I do not know their parents of her, or children, she’s not allowed to hang out with them. Her friends of her that I do know personally, I have contacted and spoken with her, and they have confirmed that she was originally with them and then left with somebody else in a car.

After contacting Apple and Verizon, Melendez said she learned her daughter’s last location was at 38th Street and Rancier Avenue at about 3:20 am Wednesday.

Since then, her phone has gone silent, her mother says.

“I’ve tried calling it, the phone’s off,” she said. “I called every 30 minutes yesterday. Last night, I stayed up calling every hour just in case it came on. I drove around all of Killeen — especially Killeen High School — Rancier and 38th where Apple said her last location de ella was. ”

Melendez described her daughter as 5 feet tall, 135 pounds, with brown curly hair, and brown eyes.

“She’s very gorgeous, very social, and she’s just one of those people who draws attention naturally,” she said.

Those with any information about Lillianna Melendez’s whereabouts may contact the Killeen Police Department at 254-501-8830.


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