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Eat! Let’s venture into the rural Cass County woods. Don’t worry. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I just want to show you a shop. What kind of shop? It’s just a little shop of horrors.

That shop, Spooky Grandma’s Halloween Shop, 6342 W. County Road 100 North, will hold its grand opening Friday from 1-9. There will be music. There will be fake tattoos. There will be cosplayers. There will be blood.

No, not really — the blood part, that is. But owners Melissa Lytle and her daughter Alyssa are eager to welcome customers and are sure to have a few scares lined up.

This isn’t Melissa Lytle’s first trip to the graveyard. Last year she co-owned Haunted Hills Dark Market. It was a success. People indeed want to party like its October 31 year round. The shop has now rebooted as a mother/daughter owned business.

“We love Halloween,” said Alyssa Lytle.

Part of the appeal of the holiday for the Lytles is its creative aspects, and the shop reflects that from the outdoor landscaping to the orange lighting and creepy décor inside. And don’t be surprised to find Melissa behind the register in some type of devilish disguise.

The mother has loved horror for a very long time. She tried to tamper her interest in her when she had children. It didn’t take.

“I thought ‘OK, mom needs to be a little more proper’ and as they grew up I got a little more weird and weirder and got them into watching scary movies,” Melissa said. “It’s always been in my blood.”

“It was a bonding thing for the family,” Alyssa said. “On Friday nights we’d watch a scary movie and eat junk food.”

Walk into the shop and customers will find t-shirts, handcrafted masks by local artist Vlad Moon, artwork, horror-themed magnets. All the while, Tim Curry’s version of Pennywise the Clown keeps an eye on guests and Jason and Freddy stand guard at the door.

“The new thing for goth is pastels,” Melissa said. “So we have that right now to sell.”

She promised as October approaches the shop with get spookier. She said an expansion is in the works, and she hopes to have high-quality cosplay masks and costumes, horror props from artist Dead Dave and more in the future.

“It will get a lot darker in here,” she said.

Spooky Grandma’s is also a place for creatures of the night to congregate. Melissa recalled local teens who came to visit Haunted Hills just to take in the atmosphere and be with others who shared an interest in horror.

This is the second spooky shop to open in Logansport in two weeks. Does Logansport need two spooky shops? Yes, obviously.

There’s a nice difference between the two. Let’s compare them as horror films. The Lantern, 430 E. Broadway Suite B, is like “The Witch” or “The Blackcoat’s Daughter.” Meanwhile, Spooky Grandma’s draws its dark energy from the horror classics: “Halloween,” “Nightmare on Elm Street.” The Lantern is cerebral. Spooky Grandma’s is visceral.

And that’s OK. There’s equal room in horror, and Logansport, for both businesses. Hopefully, the Lytles and The Lantern owner Brett Manning will become friends, or weird sisters, who will cast a magical spell over the area for a long time to come.

“There’s an alternative scene coming to Logansport, and we wanted to be part of that,” Alyssa said. “I think people are looking for more things to do locally, especially with the cost of gas, driving those long distances to Chicago or Indianapolis to do something unique isn’t always in someone’s budget,” she said.

Gas prices won’t stop horror fans from attending the shop’s grand opening, however.

They said one customer plans to drive from Illinois Friday to be a part of the fun.

“There’s not a lot of this in the Midwest,” said Alyssa. “She said there is nothing like this around her.”

If that’s the case, then Logansport should consider itself haunted, erm, lucky, that Spooky Grandma’s Halloween Shop calls the area home.

For daily hours refer to the shop’s Facebook page at


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