LOVE AND THUNDER Reactions Declare It The Greatest Marvel Movie Yet And Tease Unmissable Post-Credits

Following last night’s world premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder, the first reactions have surfaced on social media and they’re almost all overwhelmingly positive! Find out what people are saying here…

The trailers for Thor: Love and Thunder have pointed to the movie being a fun ride, but with a runtime of less than two hours and a lot of comedy in those sneak peeks, some fans have expressed concern about the direction the Thor: Ragnarök sequel is being taken in.

Well, there’s really no reason to be worried based on these first social media reactions following last night’s world premiere. They’re pretty much all glowing, praising the humor, romance, and action. It doesn’t sound like the Guardians of the Galaxy have a huge role, but Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, and Russell Crowe all clearly deliver standout performances.

Quite a few critics have teased what sound like two unmissable post-credits scenes, so you’ll definitely want to avoid spoilers before seeing Thor: Love and Thunder in theaters.

The review embargo for the movie doesn’t lift until right before the blockbuster is released, but they will obviously provide both a much better idea about what to expect and that all-important Rotten Tomatoes score. If these Tweets are any indication, we’d bet on it coming somewhere close to Thor: RagnarökIt’s 93%, anyway!

Take a look at these first Thor: Love and Thunder reactions below:


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