Pokemon Journeys Updates Opening for Ash’s New Master Class Status

pokemon journeys is setting the stafe for the anime’s final climax, and to celebrate Ash Ketchum getting into the Masters Class the anime has shared a sneaky new update to its opening theme sequence! The newest iteration of the anime will soon be reaching its end as Ash has officially become one of the top trainers in the world after rising through the ranks of the World Coronation Series in the episodes so far. It was revealed that the final line up for this climactic tournament includes the champions from other regions, and that means Ash is getting ready for some of his biggest battles yet.

While the newest opening theme sequence for the series had already been teasing some big things for Ash as it briefly showcased a battle between him and the current champion, Leon, the newest episode has updated this theme even more. Showcasing some brand new scenes to spice things up, the newest opening not only includes a special look at the Master Class’ top trainers but even goes as far as seeing Ash taking on Leon in a pretty fierce battle with the help of his Mega Lucario. You can see the differences as spotted by fans below:

pokemon journeys is getting ready for its final climax for both Ash and Goh. While Ash has become one of the top trainers in the world and is readying for the final tournament of champions, Goh himself is closer than ever to getting onto the Legendary hunting Project Mew team. Both of these young trainers have reached a high point in their respective lives and the future episodes of the series will then be showing how Ash and Goh face each of these respective challenges. It’s not going to be easy for either.

Ash is currently heading into a tournament against the likes of Leon, Lance, Cynthia, Steven, Alain, Iris, and Diantha, and that means hopefully fans will get to see each of these regional champions in the heat of battle as the tournament finally kicks off. There has yet to be a date set for when this will happen, however. What do you think? Are you excited to see Pokemon Journeys get to its grand finale? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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