Protesters demand MPS fire anti-trans counselor Marissa Darlingh

School counselor Marissa Darlingh, who publicly insisted no transgender students would transition under her “watch,” is now on administrative leave from Milwaukee Public Schools pending an internal investigation, according to board president Bob Peterson.

Some say the district should go further. About 40 teachers, students and community members led by the Black Educators Caucus marched from district offices to Darlingh’s home Saturday, chalking their demands for the district to better support trans students as some called for Darlingh to be fired.

“As educators, we can’t be oppressing the youth,” said Olimpia Garcia, an incoming teacher at Reagan High School. “That’s part of our job description to support them and not to oppress them.”

Darlingh made the remarks at an April 23 anti-trans rally outside the state Capitol, introducing herself by name and occupation on a microphone before stating:

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