Pune Campus Watch: CBSE, ICSE students complain of unfair treatment as Pune colleges go ahead with admissions without them

Nearly 10 days have passed since the online admission process for undergraduate admissions started at Fergusson College in Pune where Class XII student Sai Matekar hopes to take admission to a BA English programme.

However, despite scanning the website daily and even speaking to college counsellors, the student of St Mary’s Junior College where she appeared for her Class XII ISC examinations wasn’t allowed to even fill online admission forms, since Matekar is yet to get her final results .

Matekar is running short of time, as the deadline for filling forms at FC college will end in three days.

The online applications for undergraduate courses opened on June 15, right after the state board declared results of Class XII, HSC exams.

This isn’t an isolated case. Most colleges in the city have started taking applications for undergraduate courses as soon as the HSC results were declared and the deadline has either passed or will soon get over at several colleges. As the CBSE and ICSE boards are yet to declare their results, the students have been left in a limbo as they are unable to fill application forms.

Riddhima Pande, a student in Hutchings High School and Junior College who took her ISC exams this year, said, “It is definitely unfair because a majority of the seats will be filled by the HSC board students and there would be only a few seats for students belonging to ISC and CBSE boards. The seats should be proportionately allocated to HSC, CBSE and ISC board students so that everyone gets a fair chance at securing admission to the college of their preference.

Matekar said she visited the college website but it required her 12th-grade result and there was no option for choosing ISC. “I asked the college administration about this, and they said that unless our results arrive, there is no way I can fill out the form. They also added that they had no idea about ISC or CBSE results and currently have no provisions for it. The higher education authorities make decisions that are totally out of touch with reality and have no consideration of the hardships that students face,” she said.

However, some college principals justified the action saying CBSE or ISC students can apply later too.

“Yes it’s true that we have gone ahead with the admission process because in the last two years we have seen too many delays and would like things to come back to regular schedule. Generally in our college, not more than 10 per cent seats are taken up by non-state board students and the university anyway allows colleges to ask for extra 10 per cent seats. So if any student misses the admission deadline, they can apply to the college office and we can consider them,” said Rajendra Zunjarrao, Principal, Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Shivaji Nagar.

Even admissions to Class 11th are being done via the centralized online admissions process, controlled by the deputy director of education, Pune.

The same problem is being faced for Class XI admissions as well by non-state board students.

A large section of students belonging to boards other than Maharashtra state board is unable to participate in the admissions process, not even being allowed to fill Part 1 of the form where candidates have to fill in the basic details.

Non-state board students are only allowed to register their names but online admission forms are not accessible to them.

“After completing the online registration process on the portal created for the centralized Class 11 admissions, the next step is to select colleges of our preference. We are unable to do that since it requires Class 10 results, on which the merit list is prepared. While we understand that this is happening due to the delay caused by the pandemic, and may not happen next year, something needs to be done for the challenges we are currently facing,” said Anil Karmankar, a parent whose sons have taken the CBSE Class 10 exams this year.


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