Resident Culture Brewing Co. to open South End coffee shop

The brulee latte is one of the menu options at Resident Culture South End's new full-service coffee bar.

The brulee latte is one of the menu options at Resident Culture South End’s new full-service coffee bar.


Resident Culture Brewing Co. will open a full-service coffee shop inside the South End location on Sunday, June 26 at 7 am, featuring creative specialty coffee drinks and baked goods made by Hector González-Mora of El Toro Bruto.

This will be Resident Culture Brewing Co.’s first venture into coffee. The coffee shop will exclusively serve San Diego-based Mostra Coffee, named Roast Magazine’s 2020 Micro Roaster of the Year. Mostra Coffee also collaborated with the brewery on creating coffee-infused beers.

Resident Culture’s manager of coffee operations, Charlie Sullivan, helped design the menu along with González-Mora. “One of the things we wanted to do was create some specialty drinks that are going to compliment his style of cooking, being kind of a Mexican regional cuisine,” Sullivan said.

There are two specialty drinks inspired by Gonzalez-Mora’s food: “Café De Olla,” a regional Mexican coffee made spiced with cinnamon, clove, anise and piloncillo sugar, and “Dirty Horchata,” a horchata spiked with espresso and topped with cinnamon sugar .

In addition to coffee, the shop will serve breakfast tacos, sandwiches and toasts. The breakfast tacos come with a choice of chorizo, bacon, barbecue or steak and eggs, plus a vegan option.

A mix of traditional Mexican pastries and classic American baked goods will be served, as well. “Most of these things I’ve made before,” González-Mora said. “But, I’ve made these because they’re traditional Mexican pastries.”

The menu also includes avocado toast, made with salsa macha and a citrus dressing; Sando Huevon, made with a sunny side up egg, escabeche sauce and cheddar cheese; a seasonal toast made with whipped cream cheese, sauteed mushrooms and arugula; a chorizo ​​kotlette made with a spicy ground pork patty, manchego cheese, sliced ​​avocado and scrambled egg; and a panela waffle filled with caramelized brown sugar and topped with fresh fruit.

Resident Culture Brewing Co.

Location: 332 W Bland St Suite C, Charlotte, NC 28203

Neighborhood: South End

Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday, 7 a.m.-11 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday,

7 am-2 am Friday-Saturday and 7 am-10 pm Sunday.

Instagram: @residentculture.southend

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