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NOTICE N. 037/2022 (1 BI-M)


TITLE: Opening of a call for a Research Grant

It is now open a call for one Research Grant for a researcher with a Master degree within the project INTERGEN – “Innovating breast cancer GWAS through integration of functional Genomics”/Universidade do Algarve, (PTDC/MED-GEN/30895/2017), funded by the Programa Operacional Regional do Algarve (CRESC Algarve 2020), through Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional (FEDER), and by Fundao Nacional de Ci ncia e Tecnologia (FCT), with the following conditions:

Research Field: Biological Sciences

Admission Requirements: Candidates must have a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences, Oncobiology, Biology or similar areas, experience in genetic/genomics analysis for human diseases. The admission requirements take into consideration the University Of Algarve’s Research Grants Regulation (

Candidates must be enrolled in a degree-granting study cycle or in a post-graduate course that does not confer an academic degree, taught at the University of Algarve, except in cases where there is no training offer at UAlg in the area of ​​the competition .

Work plan:

The project PTDC/MED-GEN/30895/2017 INTERGEN – “Innovating breast cancer GWAS through integration of functional Genomics” aims to identify genes with differential allelic expression associated with risk for breast cancer, map the cis-regulatory risk variants and characterize them functionally through in-silico and in vitro analyzes in human breast cell lines. The work to be carried out will involve:

  1. RNA extraction and cDNA preparation from human samples;
  2. Real-time PCRs to quantify allelic expression;
  3. Statistical analysis of variants associated with risk for breast cancer and
  4. Functional characterization studies of variants (SNPs) with regulatory potential. It is expected that at the end of the fellowship period, the fellow will have contributed to identify new regulatory variants associated with risk for breast cancer, and to clarify its underlying regulatory mechanism.

Applicable Legislation and regulations: Statute of Scientific Research Fellow, approved by the Law n 40/2004, from 18 of August, conferred by the Decree Law 123/2019, from July 28th and University Of Algarve s Research Grants Regulation

Working place: The work will be developed at the Center for Health Technology and Services Research from the University of Algarve, under scientific supervision of Doctor Joana M Xavier.

Duration of the grant: The grant will have a first contract of 6 months duration, beginning on 15th July 2022. The contract may be renewed until 03/27/2022, considering UAlg s Research Grants Regulation. (

Value of monthly maintenance allowance: The monthly maintenance allowance corresponds to 1,144.64 euros. The maintenance allowance will be paid monthly by bank transfer.


Selection criteria will be as follows: In accordance with n 2 of the article 11 of the FCT Research Grants Regulation, the selection criteria will focus only on the candidate merit and will be the following:

(a) Academic and professional background, with the respective valuation of 7 values ​​for scientific or technological publications in journals or databases, presentations of work at congresses and completion of specialized courses (35% weighting);

(b) Experience in developing research on genetic risk for breast cancer, with the respective valuation of 6 values ​​for experience in statistical analysis and association studies such as analysis of association of polymorphisms with risk for breast cancer, and with alternative splicing (including the use of software such as Psichomics, Leafcutter, FastQTL or TensorQTL), differential allelic expression analysis and genetic colocalization analysis for human traits/phenotypes (including the use of software such as the Coloc package) (30% weighting);

(c) Experience in molecular biology techniques with the respective rating of 3 values ​​for experience in handling human samples, extracting DNA or RNA from samples, performing real time PCRs (15% weighting);

(d) Experience in computational biology analyses, with the respective valuation of 3 values ​​for the development of bioinformatics pipelines and for solid knowledge in programmatic languages ​​(in particular R, but also Perl, Python, or BASH) (15%);

(e) Degree of proficiency in the English language, with the respective valuation of 1 value (5% weighting).

The evaluation process may include one interview, in case there are several candidates with similar scores, which will serve to rank the candidates

The tender jury shall comprise the following members:

  • Joana Gonalves de Gouveia Maia Xavier (President)
  • Ana Teresa Luis Lopes Maia (Effective member)
  • Marinella Nobre Ghezzo (Effective member)
  • Bibiana Isabel da Silva Ferreira (Substitute member)

Publication and notification of the results: Final results will be publicized through an ordered list according to the final grade and posted in a conspicuous and public local of CINTESIS-UAlg, Building 8, 3dr floor (Gambelas Campus), and communicated to the applicants by e-mail to the addresses indicated by each candidate.

Deadline for applications and submission forms: the call is open from 06/17/2022 to 06/30/20222

Applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Official identification document (simple copy or legal equivalent). If you have a nationality other than Portuguese, you should present a residence permit, permanent residence certificate or long-term resident status, valid on the scholarship start date, any of which may be replaced, in its absence, by a declaration of commitment. However, one of the previous must be delivered at the contracting phase, under penalty of forfeiture of the granting of the scholarship;
  • Copy of the qualification certificates of the academic degrees held, specifying the final classification and, if possible, the classifications obtained in all subjects taken;
  • If the doctorate has been awarded by a foreign higher education institution, it must conform to the rules established in Decree-Law no. 66/2018 of August 16, and all required formalities must be complied with up to the date of termination deadline for submission of the application. If the completed process is not found until the end of the application deadline, the candidate must prove that he / she has requested the recognition of the degree.
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Passport or identification card for European applicants (copy);
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (NIF), if you have a nationality other than Portuguese, it must be submitted during the scholarship contracting phase, under penalty of forfeiture of the scholarship award;
  • Other documents considered important
  • The Application Request, dated and signed, must be addressed to the President of the Evaluation Panel ( -bolsaen20210707.pdf) for the following address: Universidade do Algarve/Joana Xavier, Gambelas campus, Building 8, room 3.18, 8005-139 Faro, Reference EDITAL N 037/2022 (1 BI-M) or by email to the Scientific Coordinator ([email protected]). If the Application Request is sent by email, the applicant must duly express his/her consent that all notifications regarding this application are sent to the email address given.
  • Supporting documents stating that the applicant meets all the requirements for this grant, namely the enrollment certificate in an awarding degree study cycle or in a postgraduate course;
  • Supervisor Declaration taking the responsibility for the Work plan supervision, according to article 5 -A of the Statute of Scientific Research Fellow, as well as assuring the necessary conditions for the development of the work plan and in compliance with article 13 of the Statute of Scientific Research Fellow;
  • Declaration of the Grant acceptance;
  • Declaration of commitment stating the exclusivity regime

Complaints and Appeal Deadlines and procedures

On the decision for granting the Research Grant, candidates may, if they wish, comment on the hearing of interested parties, within 10 working days, under the terms provided for in the Administrative Procedure Code.

From the practice or omission of any act of the evaluation panel, candidates can complain to the body, within 10 working days.

The final decision of the evaluation panel can be appealed to the Rector within 15 working days after the respective notification.

Scholarship Contract: With the applicant(s) selected, and after receiving all the required documentation, a scholarship contract will be signed in accordance with the attached model. Assessment of the scholarship holder(s) At the end of each period of duration of the scholarship contract, the activity developed by the scholarship holder(s) is evaluated by the supervisor, by applying the following criteria, in accordance with the attached model: a) Fulfilment of the proposed objectives considering the work plan (80%) b) Interest and motivation in the project development (20%)

University of the Algarve reserves the right to cancel this application procedure if by any means the contract celebration with the funding entity is not established.

University of Algarve, 14th June 2022 Scientific Coordinator

Doctor Joana Gon alves de Gouveia Maia Xavier


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