Shinya’s MBTI Type and What It Reveals About Him

Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It, a returning rom-com anime of the Spring 2022 season, stars the cheerful deredere student scientist Himuro Ayame and her handsome classmate Yukimura Shinya, who just might be in love. However, they need to apply some hard science first to determine if their feelings are genuine.

While Ayame and her kuudere beau Shinya are both warm-hearted science types, they have remarkably different personalities and outlooks, which sometimes leads to amusing clashes for the rest of the cast to comment on. Shinya’s cool, detached personality can be best described with the MBTI personality test – and the results speak volumes about him and his relationship from him to both Ayame and science itself.

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Yukimura Shinya’s MBTI Type: ISTJ-T, The Logistician

The ISTJ personality type, or the Logistician, puts more emphasis on details, order and logic than most other types, having plentiful overlap with the related INTJ Architect type or the INTP Logician type. Anyone with these personality types is practically a born scientist or mathematician, someone who enjoys performing orderly work and dealing with ideas more than people. None of these types are cold or misanthropic, but ISTJs and their kin may seem aloof and standoffish to the ESFP Entertainer type or the ENFP Campaigner type. That said, ISTJs can still enter warm, caring relationships if everything is stable and clear enough for them. They don’t exactly thrive on drama or unpredictability.

An ISTJ has a lot to offer. Logisticians are quintessential office workers, favoring structure, patterns, hard data and routines, meaning their mind is like a well-oiled machine. Logisticians are among the most productive and reliable employees of all, savoring the task of forming spreadsheets, balancing a budget or auditing another party. Likewise, ISTJs are strict about matters of honesty and principle, and they won’t tell a lie to look good or hide their faults. The facts will always speak for themselves, according to a Logistician, and a happy lie can never replace a hard but much-needed truth.

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Logisticsians pride themselves in their astonishing work ethic and honesty and are remarkably driven and passionate about their work. They’re the type to show up to the office early to tackle a messy spreadsheet before lunch, and they’ll stay late to make sure every last number lines up. When any other type may fall apart, ISTJs are prized for their ability to keep a cool head and remain calm and organized personality even during moments of stress or crisis. And when an office or other environment needs order to get a job done, a Logistician is the one who can get everything in place for the whole team.

However, ISTJs are rather stubborn as well. If the facts back them up, they’ll stick to them, even if that means angering another party or causing an argument. Diplomacy and negotiation can be difficult for ISTJs, and their aloof, rigid mentality doesn’t help. Logisticians also have a bad habit of blaming themselves if anything goes wrong, even if they’re not at fault, and their judgmental attitude can push other people away.

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Shinya As a Logisticsian In Science Fell In Love

Ever since he first met Himuro Ayame in his boyhood, Science Fell in Love‘s Shinya has been the type to favor research, facts and critical thinking over everything else, which alienated him from his classmates. Unlike Ayame, though, Shinya took that in stride and identified with it. He soon encouraged Ayame to do the same, and this kind of empowerment is what prompted her to fall in love with him. But it would take years for Shinya the ISTJ to return those amorous feelings, and even then, expressing them is a real challenge.

During the love experiments, Shinya and Ayame both invested heavily in hard science, but Shinya tried to speak entirely with the data in mind rather than the contents of his heart. As an Advocate type herself, Ayame eventually insisted that she and Shinya seek love the “normal” way — by listening to their hearts and deciding whether their love was real. The Logistician Shinya hesitated, being the type to let numbers explain everything, but soon relented. Shinya didn’t give up his love of objective data but, as a kuudere ISTJ, he couldn’t say no to Ayame any longer.

However, Science Fell in Love has shown that Shinya is even worse at romance with his deredere underclassman Kanade. Time and again, the ISTJ Shinya tried to use data and experiments to determine the value of Kanade’s love for her or help her conduct her own experiments, but this was rarely what Kanade needed to hear. As a stone-cold Logistician, Shinya failed to perform this and doubled down on his ways until Ayame took over the case. Despite that, Kanade and Shinya get along well, even if she loses her patience with his mechanical lifestyle and his stubborn, insensitive side. That’s the science of friendship at work, something even a Logistician can appreciate.

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