Some are destined and some are determined to succeed

Editor’s note: The following speech was written and delivered by 2022 LLCC graduate Nicole Pedigo at commencement ceremonies on May 13.

Tonight, we come together to celebrate our incredible achievements, and I’m both honored and privileged to share this night with you.

It’s been a challenging couple of years, right? When we thought about what the year 2020 would be like, I doubt we could have imagined a global pandemic. It seemed like the whole world stopped, but we didn’t. We kept going, and we kept working toward our goal, to be here tonight.

When one of my teachers said she would like to nominate me to speak tonight, I was honored. I started to reflect on my journey here at LLCC. I remembered when I came in for freshmen orientation, my first day of class, my first A, and then it hit me! LLCC was the first place that made me feel like I could make a difference. We all have unique stories of the obstacles we’ve had to face on our path to graduation. Tonight, I’m going to share my story with you.

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