Speakers at UniMed Assembly Stress Need for Partnerships and Future Skills

Amr Ezzat Salama, secretary-general of the Association of Arab Universities, said his organization had agreed with UniMed since 2014 to exchange visits, experiences and cooperation in European higher education projects.

In his keynote speech, Salama said that higher education was a major driver of economies, especially in developing countries, by building capacities through training, education, scientific research, and social development.

Salama also touched on the challenges of technology, infrastructure, and financing of higher education and scientific research, and said that his association provides practical solutions to these challenges.

Salama called for more dialogue and communication among universities, governments, companies, and international organizations, and to benefit from the work of researchers. He also pointed out the need for higher education institutions’ policies to be compatible with the goals of sustainable development.

Talking about his association’s plans and projects to support and finance scientific research, Salama said the association establishes partnerships and cooperation agreements with Arab and international academic institutions in the interest of Arab universities.

online learning

Osama Obeidat, chief executive of Queen Rania Teacher Academy, in Amman, talked about his institution’s work. Since the non-profit

academy was established in 2009, he said, it has provided more than 90,000 professional development opportunities for teachers and educational leaders.

The academy has also invested in building an experienced academic cadre, benefiting from its partnerships with universities and reputable educational institutions, he said.

Obeidat also discussed the academy’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic’s repercussions on higher education. He said that the academy had launched programs to support the online learning environment, with the aim of building teachers’ ability to deal with education technology.

He stressed that education is a good way to communicate among countries, and concluded by saying that societies need smarter education based on technology and building basic skills.

Student Mobility

The conference also hosted Juan Rayón, president of the Erasmus Student Network, the largest student organization in Europe acting in the field of student mobility and internalization of higher education.

Rayón said his organization represents international students around the world. He said it had signed a memorandum of understanding with UniMed to foster cooperation between the two agencies on issues regarding student mobility.

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