Stadium for the North: Senior council official gives insight into Wrexham Gateway project

A senior executive of Wrexham County Borough Council has shed some light on the proposed Wrexham Gateway project. In an interview with North Wales Live, Wrexham Council chief executive Ian Bancroft gave some insight into what the Wrexham Gateway project will entail.

If the bid for Leveling Up funding is successful it will signal a complete regeneration of the area surrounding the Racecourse Ground and Wrexham General train station. A campaign has been launched, backed by North Wales Live, to support the Council’s bid to gain the Leveling Up funding.

You can support the Stadium for the North campaign by signing the register of support.

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A statement from Wrexham County Borough Council said: “The mix of the new football stand, transport hub, residential, office and student accommodation in addition to a hotel and conference facilities really work well together and complement each other to provide a broad range of improved facilities and resources for residents and visitors alike.

“It’s not very often that a Local Authority has the chance to undertake such a transformative project. We are determined to take advantage of the opportunity presented to us and create something that we can all be proud of.”

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Mr Bancroft then elaborated on that by giving North Wales Live further insight into the project. He revealed that the funding is in place to complete a large part of the project but the Leveling Up fund would enable them to complete the football ground side.

He said: “The Wrexham Gateway project has an eastern side – the train station with office and housing development – and a western side which is the Kop stand football ground redevelopment. That includes groundworks for a hotel, potential conference facilities and also car parking.

“What you’ve got is an integrated masterplan that’s been completed for both the east side and the west side. We did that before any funding streams came along.

“Money has been allocated by the Welsh Government, £25 million to do the eastern side of the Wrexham Gateway development. What we need now is to find the money to do the western side which is the football ground side.”

Stadium for the North campaign

Mr Bancroft then spoke passionately about the cultural importance of the Racecourse Ground. He also spoke about how sport can bring the wider community together.

He said: “We know football brings the whole of Wrexham together and the whole of Wales together. What the UK Government Leveling Up fund are looking for is a regeneration project and also a project of cultural significance.

“The oldest international football ground in the world is a unique selling point that nobody else has. This saves it and keeps it as the oldest international football ground in the world still in use, otherwise the risk is that loss.”


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