Student Blog: Whirlwind of Third Year

The first term of my last year is almost over. I thought I would catch you up on how my final year of my undergrad has been going!

I am finally doing Television in journalism. It is a lot, so much to learn and so much to do. But I love it. The people in the class are amazing, I love our lecturer and how can I complain about television while I’m learning the behind-the-scenes of television.

We are currently working on a three-minute news package for our end of term project. It has been so stressful but really fun. Television is a lot of work and very time-consuming at this point, I wonder what this year will be like. I’m hoping it’ll get easier. For now, I am just enjoying the process.

Now, my other major – Linguistics. It is too much but hey, we move.

In other news, I now tutor both Linguistics and Sound Technology. That is a lot of work on top of being a third year but hey it looks good on the CV and I don’t hate it.

I don’t know if we will do sit-down exams this year but we have basically returned to fully in-person, or I have. Which terrifies me. I have loved the past two years, being able to work at my own pace and in my own time. Not only for examinations but for consolidating all the information that is thrown at us.

There is a shred of hope within me that prays that they have mercy on us third years. Most of us have gone our entire university career without ever doing a sit-down exam. I pray that they continue to let us be examined through online means. I would much rather be given an exam at 8am and have to submit by 12pm than walk to a venue, sit down for who knows how long and try and retaining three years’ worth of knowledge.

My university has until the end of this year to give accreditation to courses for online work, so I think they should take lead from that. I have sat in classes with people completely ignoring the mask mandate, sneezing and coughing as if it is nothing.

How can we be expected to sit with the same people for three hours, when they can’t even wear their masks for 45 minutes?

I am terrified for my concentration. I can barely concentrate in a normal setting, add a pandemic, concentration does not exist.

How does a university expect me to concentrate while I don’t know if I may get sick or not?

But anyways, I am trying to focus on the good moments of university for the time being and our television practice on Wednesday was one of those. Our whole class’s eyes were beaming with joy, delight and excitement. Everyone began to come out of their shells because of their passion.

So, here’s to eight more months of university!

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