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Do you love art, creative writing, dance, music and theatre? in the “All About the Art’s Camp” we will explore different types of art each day. Class will include the “wildly popular” segments by our own Eric “ro” Rosario, who will lead and inspire students to create art they didn’t know they were capable of. Other types of arts we will explore include watercolor and acrylic painting techniques, collage, photography, making a portfolio of designs as well as different genres of music and dance and more!

“All About the Arts Camp” is open to all students entering 5th through 7th grades and will be held at the Wieting Theater from July 11-15th from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm each day. The cost of art camp is $80, which includes art kits valued at $80+ that students will take home at the end of camp and a t-shirt. This class is limited to the first 12 students who register with payment.

Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell was credited with inventing the telephone? I have also studied aviation and flight beginning with building and testing different styles of kites. To do this he needed an understanding of geometry.

If you choose to join us for “High Flying Fun”, you will learn about the history of kites and how to build a tetrahedron kite using geometry and math. Then you will be ready to design your own kite considering materials, shape, stability, tail or other additions.

The last two days of class will focus on engineering straw rockets. Through trial and error you will discover how gravity and mass affects performance. Newton’s Second Law of Motion will be demonstrated. If you enjoy working with others and discovering through hands-on experiences, please join us.

“High Flying Fun Camp” is open to all students entering 3rd through 5th grades and will be held at the Wieting Theater from August 1st – 4th from 8:30 am – 11:30 am Cost is $65 which includes a t-shirt. This class is limited to the first 20 students who register with payment.

These camps are a great opportunity for grandparents to invite grandchildren to come spend a week and have something to do already planned!

Make sure to ask your students if they have these forms in their backpacks. Registration forms may also be found online and downloaded at under the About drop-down box or on the Facebook page under Public Posts.

These camps are made possible in part by a grant from the Tama County Community


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