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I was happy to read the article concerning receipt of the grant at Pottstown’s Memorial Park. But I’m curious — did the people in the picture, anyone from DCNR to council people Lindsay and Paules, to Mayor Henrick, tour or even look at the pathway by the BMX park? This pathway over the railroad which leads back to the car wash on Shoemaker Road is waste-ridden. I have also contacted Borough Hall and hope this will be addressed.


Can’t find Baby Formula? Well, if you are an illegal immigrant, you won’t have a problem. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are shipping pallets of Baby Formula to our Southern Border for the illegal immigrants. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi don’t care about American Citizens, they give illegal immigrants priority.

Kristin Reams

Has anyone heard from Bobby Casey Jr. lately? As usual, he is hiding in a basement somewhere. Inflation is raging, gas prices are through the roof, and Bobby remains in hiding. Is he doing anything to help you? No. He casts his Senate votes the way Chuck Schumer tells him to. This guy is such a waste and he has done nothing to help Pennsylvania.

John Conrad

A heartfelt thank you to the staff on the fifth and sixth floors of Pottstown Hospital for the care and kindness shown to my husband.


I worked for over 42 years and have retired. I now pay all my eye and dental costs. The liberal idiots want me to pay for abortions, and college loans, and care for everyone who crosses the Southern Border illegally. I was raised to work and pay my way which I have done. Time to take care of US citizens.

mike s

Received a nonsense email from Rep. Madeleine Dean about stopping the filibuster, in Biden’s own words, to have the ability to “kill their child”! Yo Madeleine how about showing the same concern for the Southern Border, energy, inflation, supply chain, crime, weaponizing the FBI against parents, the Americans still being held hostage in Afghanistan! China and Russia are not our friends! Just a few items that need attention! I know, do not expect anything from Dean!

The energy policies of Biden and his progressive handlers started inflation on day one of his administration in their attempt to destroy the fossil fuel industry. In March, their $1.9 Trillion stimulus package overheated the economy by flooding the country with stimulus checks, enhanced unemployment aid and expanded child tax credit payments. Now Biden blames the “MAGA-Republicans” for inflation, another lie, just like blaming Putin, and only lefty Democratic diehards will buy into this nonsense.


Biden voters, please go to confession this week. You sinned against our country and your fellow Americans. Go confess your sin, clean your conscience, and this fall, sin no more, and vote against inflation, against baby formula shortages, and against every Democrat on the ballot.

Shirley Huck

A conservative running for office should never invoke God’s name on his or her agenda. It is so fake that it’s ridiculous. It’s blasphemy when you do that, so stop it. Jesus Christ was the first Socialist, Progressive and Leftist and that can’t be denied. Stop being crazy, did I say Snarky?


If you missed “2000 Mules” in the theater, this very important documentary can be watched online at This film is a must-see for all freedom-loving Americans. It will help you understand why we need stringent election reform laws to preserve our democracy.

greg levengood

Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has a solution for inflation: Abort more babies. Yesterday she said abortion is good for the economy. Probably the sickest thing a cabinet official has ever said.

rhea shirk

In 1873 the US government killed 1.5 million buffalo to starve Native Americans so they would be more dependent on the government. Fast forward to today and the Democrats are creating food shortages to achieve exactly the same goal!


Another day and another increase in gas prices and another record high gas price. Stickers on gas pumps with Biden’s likeness saying “I did that” are just ridiculous. There should be mirrors on gas pumps saying, “Biden voters look yourself in the face — You did that!”

Karen Rivera

Is there an October 14 Committee? Have photos of those who assaulted police en route to occupation of the Udall Building been posted by the FBI? How many participants remain imprisoned without due process? Fair questions all. Architects of the Jan. 6 insurrection narrative, a number of whom facilitated the events of that day, are fully invested in selective suppression of lawful dissent including that by parents deemed terrorists for opposing grade school indoctrination.


Jay, Lefty and Patriot54, we’ve been getting a lot of mentions here lately. We’re outnumbered by 6 to 1, at least, and we’re their biggest concern? I get the best feels in the best places when I’m called a troll by people that troll me, a looney by the lunatic fringe and a liar by people that spread known lies. I’m just a lowly Reagan Republican with no party to go to. Rock on, squad.

David M.

Signed up for an anti-choice bake sale. Going to take an egg and some batter in a mixing bowl. Will insist that this is a cake, and the anti-choice crowd will agree.


The policies of the last Republican administration resulted in the lowest African American poverty in history. The policies of the last Republican administration resulted in the lowest Hispanic poverty in history. The last Republican administration championed and passed the First Step Act to address inequities in our criminal justice system that disproportionately impacted minorities. That sure sounds like the Party of Lincoln to me.

Robert Minninger

The Democrats’ move to take over the dissemination of public information should frighten and anger every American citizen. State-led censorship is pure evil. It reeks of Hitler-era despotism. But that’s today’s Democratic Party.


A strong case may be made that Joe Biden is the stupidest man in Washington. For second place I’d like to nominate Chrissy Houlahan. If you saw her assessment of her of the economy on TV the other day it will be obvious to you. Following her de ella reveal that ella does n’t know a damn thing about economics — she doubles down and votes to give Ukraine another $44 billion saddling PA-6 with yet more debt.

Just saw a report on record profits being made by oil companies, while we’re being gouged at the pump. How can this be allowed? Aren’t they rich enough already? All of the reasons for the high prices that we’re hearing are bullcrap. They’re doing it because they can.

Lefty claims the quartet of Sound Off radical Democrats are all college graduates (Patriot54, David M, & Jay Miller). Wait, do you know each other? Siblings? cousins? drinking buds? Roommates? co-workers? If you did all go to college — doubtful — I would demand a full refund. CNN and MSNBC give this resume for free.

Billy G.

Listening to Sleepy Joe Biden delivering his dementia-addled speech on the economy and inflation was just painful. It reminded me of the Sound Offs submitted by Patriot54, Lefty, Jay Miller and David M. No sign of accountability or self-awareness. Just blame Trump, Republicans, Putin, billionaires, and wealthy corporations. Oh, and the constant use of the Democrats’ newly minted slur “MAGA Republicans” is already backfiring on Biden and the Democrat Party.


President Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the dumbest thing I ever heard any public official say. She said the 1973 SCOTUS abortion decision had a favorable impact on the well-being of children. This is a most shocking and disgusting comment from a member of Biden’s Cabinet. Killing unborn children is not having a favorable impact on them at all. Have we no morals anymore?

Info Depot

Where did Covid come from? We know it originated in China. That’s where it started—specifically in the Wuhan Province. Initially, it was thought to have originated in an animal and then transferred to humans via unsanitary or undercooked food in a wet market. There is no evidence to support that. We are left with the Wuhan Lab—funded by Dr. Fauci. Alas, Biden shows no interest in pursuing the origin.

Michael Stern

I think we can be sure the Democrats had someone to leak the information from the Supreme Court. In a week’s time, the Senate has a bill on the floor about the abortion issue and is ready to vote on it. How could this happen so fast as it takes them months to vote on other bills? Dishonest Dems once again right before an election.

Disney has lost $63 billion in market value since going woke up. Will Disney learn from this or is it an acceptable loss in their eyes? I bet Disney shareholders — the real owners of the company — are pretty pissed off that they weren’t consulted first. Go woke up, go real broke. But nobody really cares about woke up pedophilia promoting companies like Disney.


To all you FOX Kooks, if Trump would’ve succeeded with his coup that would’ve been the start of a dictatorship!

Jay Miller

It’s too bad the Sound Off posts are limited to 75 words although in Jay Miller’s case it probably maxes out his vocabulary. They are generally far more interesting and accurate than the drivel given to us from the roster of washed-up columnists like George Will, Kathleen Parker, EJ Dionne, etc. and the local virtue signalers like Will Wood, Myra Forrest, and Christine Flowers. The grassroots are awakening and nothing will stop us now.

What in the world is Biden saying when he says “Ultra-MAGA agenda?” Please wake me up and make him stop talking! It just makes me sick to listen to him! This world is going to hell in a handbasket! It’s all produced! Thank you to every Democrat who voted this buffoon into office! Hope we can survive this!


Here’s how a typical conversation goes these days with a Democrat. Normal Person: “Considering all the crises facing Americans at this time – the border, crime, weak foreign policy, out of control fuel costs, skyrocketing inflation, escalating murder rates, drug overdoses, socialist spending policies, deficit spending, weak-on- crime justice system, etc. — what are the Democrats planning to do to address all of these issues? Lib: “Donald Trump is a con man and you’re a racist.”


Hey Stay Tuned, I love starting my day with a good laugh. The first thing I do is to read what Jim Fitch has to say. We have four Far Left Sound Off regulars who don’t believe what is happening to our country. Do you think they are interested in reading about what happened to Pottstown?


As I age I try to find interesting ways to amuse myself. I have a humidifier as well as a dehumidifier. Sometimes I turn them both on to see which one wins out!

Jim Fitch

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