13 Activities To Improve Social Skills And Make Friends | Caroline Maguire

Everyone feels awkward in social situations, sometimes — even the people who seem totally at-ease around other people.

Socializing comes more naturally to some people, but almost everyone has to work to maintain their social skills.

Maybe, for you, socializing is extra stressful. Is it social anxiety? Social avoidance? Social awkwardness?

It doesn’t really matter how we define the inability to just naturally feel comfortable in social settings. What matters is what we do to alleviate it.

When we struggle with social skills, we may avoid social situations and that can affect how we build relationships.

Fear of public speaking is also a prominent concern among adults who wrestle with social anxiety and this can negatively impact a career trajectory.

Fortunately, even the most introverted introverts can find a way to get themselves out there and learn to be more comfortable in social situations over time.

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Here are 13 activities you can do to improve your social skills.

These activities involve communication and interaction. Engaging in social skills activities can help improve the quality of life of people with anxiety, fear of public speaking, and similar issues.


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