School uses every lesson to teach about careers

A secondary school is getting its students ready for the world of work by building essential employment skills into every lesson they attend.

Kingsbury Green Academy, in Calne, has taken the step of putting careers into every aspect of the curriculum, so students can link their subjects to the working world and understand how their studies and the skills they are developing can lead them towards a bright future.

Careers leader Cath Young said teachers throughout the school were making students aware of the skills employers are looking for so that they can build on those skills.

“We did a lot of work with the students in National Careers Week in March, and have kept the momentum going ever since.”

“Students are encouraged to challenge teachers about how what they are studying is connected to the working world, and the responses help them understand why they need to develop certain skills.”

“We have amazing input from employer. For example, 34 employers came in recently to run mock interview workshops for Year 10 students. And every department has a career champion. The owner of local HR specialist Face2FaceHR recently came in to help with modules for our A-level and GCSE Business courses, and BP is working with our modern foreign languages ​​department with a project to help students understand the organisation’s structure, types of jobs available, and showing how modern foreign language skills are used at BP.”

The academy, which is part of the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust, uses the Skills Builder universal framework to develop students’ abilities in areas that will be essential for success in their working lives.

It enables students to work on the eight key skills of listening and speaking effectively, problem solving, creativity, staying positive, aiming high, leadership and teamwork.

Students with various talents and interests are reporting back that they are connecting their school work with their futures very clearly.

One Year 10 pupil said he is already formulating a career plan. “In computer science, I am learning about codes and instructions which will help with jobs with computers – this is useful since technology is going to be big in the future.”

Head Jason Tudor said: “We want every one of our students to be equipped to enjoy and succeed in whatever career path they choose, so we start them on that journey from the day they join us.”

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